DB-XRD .21 FT001 TRACK Ceramic C/w Pipeset (XRD21001C)

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DB-XRD Engines have been developed by Francesco Toroni and DB Engine Technology in Italy. They have been designed to fit the latest 1/8th chassis.

DB-XRD .21 FT 001 TRACK Line Ceramic

The Engine is long stroke On-Road engine to guarantee the best performance. The new carburettor is designed specifically for On-Road to ensure high performance and precise tuning.

​Engine come with XRD P7 Turbo glow plug. This plug guarantees easier tuning and high reliability starting from the break in process.

The NEW FT Line engine features: new DB carburettor – silicon filled and hand tuned crankshaft; sleeve with 7 inlet ports and 3 exhaust ports; high performance steel front ball bearing; ceramic rear bearing and new 7 port crankcase.

Complete with XRD Tuned Pie and Manifold set.