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New Features:

All New Bulkheads:
We know, we know, everyone has aluminum bulkheads now; you’re welcome, well kind of. We have learned so many things over the past 4 years. With that being said, it was time for us to go another direction, with nothing but sheer performance in mind. Some good things have to come to an end, in order for even greater things to begin. The all new bulkheads are made from a hybrid arrangement.
This hybrid arrangement is a win on many, many fronts:
1) We win huge in the weight department
2) There is still heat dissipation on the pinion assembly due to the 7075-T6 pinion mount
3) Pinion assemblies height adjustment can be done with minimal effort, less parts and in less time.
4) All the parts needed for you to adjust the diff height are going to be included in the kit with no additional cost. This is both for the pinion and differential.
5) Lower CG

In the end, it was an absolute win for everyone. We have achieved even lighter weight, than when using the magnesium options we sold before; all the while winning on the 5 above mentioned areas. Those are the main areas that improve, however you will also gain on the track with even quicker acceleration and higher potential top speed. This alone, will give the SRX8GT ‘23 a huge advantage, you have never been able to utilize before. With no doubt in our minds, your racing is going to go to the next level.

New Light weight Rear Bodymount:
The rear body mount on the SRX8GT was a carryover part from the original S811GT. Although it was a great way to save money on molds, we were somewhat married to that part at that time. Since the SRX8GT was such a hit as well as successful, it really has opened up the doors for more future upgrades. In regards to the body mount we wanted to reduce weight while keeping it strong, but also durable at the same time.. We went with a light weight molded lower, and a carbon fiber upper. The hybrid concept again lives strong in this body mount. We also wanted to incorporate the ability to put rearward facing posts to prevent body tucks during racing. With that being our criteria, a new lightweight more versatile rear body mount was born. As mentioned many times before, the SRX8GT ‘23 has been born purely with innovation, performance, reliability and ease of use in mind. This new body mount checked all the boxes.

New Radio Box:
Although we have had good success with the past generation Radio box, it was time to look the on-road part. We wanted to utilize more carbon fiber, more open design and condense the receiver box as much as possible. Most of all, the main goal in changing the radio box was to reduce the weight as much as possible, while retaining similar flex as we had before. This radio box went through a couple revisions before we settled on what you see here. Keeping the transponder visible was important for some as they wanted to be able to see that it was not only operating but read the number for event signups. The throttle and steering servo’s can both be swapped out if needed without removing the rest of the radio box assembly. The receiver battery can also be interchanged in the matter of 2 screws and has 3 positions to alter the weight distribution front to back if you need. In conclusion, the upgrades made to the radio box were a nice step forward in additional adjustability and performance for the SRX8GT ‘23.

All New Adjustable Caster Blocks:
When we asked the Racing team what suspension they wanted or what we needed to do, they simply said “we think we have the best suspension”. Although they were satisfied with the suspension, we had plans of our own to put it on an entirely new level. We wanted to do something not seen on a c hub style caster block, as well as make the caster so easy to adjust you could literally do it in the warm-up of a race if you had to. With a few versions under our belt and a bit of testing we were able to achieve a really nice result.

The caster block is now fully adjustable from 0-10 degrees in 2.5 degree increments. You can change it within 2 screws per caster block and easily have it done in a matter of seconds. The left and right side caster adjusters are laser etched for easy identification. Aside from the looks, the caster block is super strong, maybe stronger now than before, so finishing races should not be a problem here. These new adjustment will make it even easier to fine to your cars steering to get the maximum result possible on the lap counter all the while spending less money to do it.

New Steering Block:
In upgrading the caster block, we also have to do an upgrade on the steering block in order to make our dream a reality. Although there is not a ton here new, the steering blocks retains the Delrin bushing to rotate on the new pivot balls designed for the adjustable caster block. These bushings are larger in diameter to give maximum support on the spindle and reduce the amount of play in the spindle assembly. The steering block will still incorporate all the original Ackerman arms, so you won’t need to buy any extra or new ones there as your old ones carry over. You can still use your 0,1,2,3, and 4 Ackerman arms to fine tune your steering geometry to suit your needs or any track condition.

All New shock body, piston and Shaft:
Shocks are a big deal….They control pretty much everything going on in a model race car. Anytime you can improve that aspect, you can improve the handling and performance of the car, let alone the lap time. It has been a long time since we were able to improve in this area, as so many cars used the older S811GT and SRX8GT shock. On the new SRX8GT ‘23, we really wanted to improve this area. The plan was to reduce the friction on the shaft, increase the volume of the shock and give even more tune ability to the drivers.

For the shock on the 2023 model, we have gone from a 4mm shock shaft to 3.5, switched from a molded piston to a fully machined Delrin piston, removed the old large o rings and replaced them with 2 new X-rings. This new shock is super smooth, has more volume and overall a substantial upgrade in performance.

The original SRX8-GT’s chassis treated us well, and proved to be an excellent foundation to build upon. That chassis went unchanged for nearly 4 years. As we roll out our new 2023 model, we wanted to improve an already proven class winning car. Taking into consideration life expectancy, flex and performance as well as some new features available to this model a, new chassis was born.
We kept all the front end features that have proven to be quite important in heavy deceleration and ground clearance over obstacles and went a new direction. The new chassis is nearly symmetrical front and rear, which gives an even more neutral and predictable flex. On the track it gives you more confidence to push harder and do it with even more ease. The area behind the engine has significantly more material to improve the life of the chassis and prevent any breaking or splitting, saving you from replacing the chassis prematurely. Finally, there are new areas to mount a completely new body support system we plan to introduce.

Mountable Chassis Weights:
The SRX8GT ‘23 chassis comes equipped with holes pre drilled into the chassis for optional weights. At Serpent we understand the need for being able to adjust the weight distribution of your racing machine. This GT will be no exception as you can add a 25-gram weight to the front and/or rear. The weights will be sold separately but the chassis is ready to accept them.

Updated 2speed Shaft Construction:
The original 2 speed shaft has been pretty much the same for a very, very long time. Solid steel with output cups set screwed on. Pretty much the standard for all makes of GT. Although there have been upgrades to the 2speed clutch, bells or even the gears, the shaft went on untouched. Well the time has come, and someone had to do it. We are proud to introduce the all new hollow shaft with a completely new construction and lightweight outdrives. Nobody likes to lose set screws and neither do we.

Not only is the shaft hollow, for lighter weight the center outdrives are held in position with captured pins. What does this mean for you, well less rotating mass, quicker acceleration and increased reliability. We want you to finish every race you start, as well as be the first one to the finish line. The decreased weight will result in reduced load on the engine, and I’m certain if engines could talk, it would welcome this all new design change.

Rear Polycarbonate Differential Cover:
When it comes to racing, rules can be expected to change over time as things begin to evolve. From the conception of the original Aluminum bulkheads on the SRX8GT to now, ROAR and IFMAR are requiring manufacturers to cover the rear differential. The main reason is safety for turn marshals, although there have been some other less flattering reasons for the rules creation as well. Either way, rules are rules and we intend to follow them and set an example for everyone else to follow. The polycarbonate cover can easily be removed by 2 small screws and also painted if you wish. It will serve to honor the rule governing bodies as well as add additional protection for the differential from debris in less than ideal conditions.

Heavy Duty Driveshafts:
With the tracks continuing to evolve as well as the developments in new rubber compounds for racing, the load has never been higher on the driveshafts than they are now. In order to meet the ever changing and demanding grip levels, we have upgraded the driveshaft balls from 9mm to 10mm. With the additional diameter, the pin has more surface material to operate on, reducing wear on the internal slot’s surface This affect reduces a locking affect and increases smooth operation. While the diameter of the ball has been changed, the pin for the driveshaft has also been increased from 2.5mm to 3. The end result is a longer life, smoother operating driveshaft that is more consistent in a much broader array of conditions. When your lap times depend on being consistent, be rest assured this new SRX8GT ‘23 is doing its part to help you.

Main Features:

Fully adjustable Suspension mounts vertically mounted
Part 1:
When racing in a large variety of conditions, we understood the need to have the suspension brackets vertically adjustable so you can fine tune your GT. These suspension brackets are made from 7075-T6 aluminum alloy. Although RC shims are no longer in the kit they can be purchased separately to even further adjust the roll center.

You can adjust the front kick up, front anti-dive as well as the rear anti-squat or pro-squat, depending on what you need. Without any doubts, we had to carry this over to the new SRX8GT ‘23 model

Complete set of Inserts for Suspension Adjustment
Part 2:
The 7075-T6 brackets also allow you to fully adjust the front kick-up from0,0.5,1,1.5 and 2 degree in increments of 0.5degree. The rear anti-squat is no different as you can adjust that from 1,1.5,2,2.5,3 degrees, and the rear toe-in adjustment can be made, 2,2.5,2.75,3,3.25,3.5 and 4 degrees using the inserts provided in the kit.

With so many inserts available to you as well as the ability to purchase the RC shims, there is absolutely no way, you will be limited in your quest to dominate your local track.

Differential and Pinion Height Adjustment:
Although it’s still hard to believe, the SRX8GT ’23 continues to be one of a few cars with adjustable diff height without changing any other geometry as a bi-product. The SRX8GT ‘23 not only has 4 adjustable diff positions, but it will also come with easy access differentials. The 4 adjustment positions will allow the racer to fine to his model race car from the lowest grip, all the way to the highest grip conditions.

Both the front and rear bulkheads share the same Diff inserts, and input assembly holders, to minimize extra parts and to maximize your racing fun. The diffs both front and rear can be removed and replaced in a matter of seconds. This gives you no reason not to freshen up, fine tune or rebuild your differential.

Engine mounting System:
The Engine mounts and lower plates will be a carry over here, as they have been extremely good to us. This system has proven to be
extremely reliable and the easiest for maintenance for the S811 and SRX8GT. The great looking black anodized and silver edged fashion continues on as well as the reliable performance.

Fuel tank:
The kit includes a tried and true 150cc fuel tank. The tank also includes a plug in case you need to adjust the capacity plus or minus a few cc. The tank has clip on clamps to help keep your fuel line in check as well as an overflow/splash shield around the lid of the tank. The tank floats on two specially design posts to flex just enough but also provide the proper support. The tank then has 2 rubber grommets to absorb vibration from the engine to reduce air bubbles in the tank to further improve the performance of your fuel system.

Symmetrical rear Transmission Braces:
At the rear of the Asphalt slaying machine we took some pride in trying to have as symmetrical flex possible. In testing it was shown to have a positive effect on lap times as well as handling left and right into a corner. This SRX8GT ‘23 has two short braces symmetrically mounted just behind the engine.

With most all of our cars, and if your into seriously devilish looks, you can also find, optional black with machine edged aluminum transmission braces. They can be purchased for the rear and also the front. They are serious head turners if you’re into putting some bling into your race program.

Easy Access Center 2 Speed Assembly:
The customers talked…we listened, this new SRX8GT ‘23 is outfitted with a super easy access center 2 speed assembly. Not only is it easy to access, with simply removing 2 screws you can have the entire 2 speed out of the car and ready for adjustment/maintenance faster than you can make it to the concession stand for a beverage.

Aside from the easy access 2 speed, you can also get the maximum performance from your braking mechanism, due to an absolute easy to adjust single 3mm turnbuckle. No more uneven wearing brake pads or overloading one, get it right the first time with ease. With class leading technology like this, you will love working on your new GT.

0 Degree Steering System:
A continued tradition to the SRX8GT ‘23 is the flat steering system. Since minimal kick-up angles are used there was no need to have the angled steering system seen on our Off-road cars. We took the successful steering system from our SRX8 and SRX8e and created a version specifically for our GT car. Not only did it allow us to continue to use our existing Ackerman plates, but it also allowed us to lower the CG of the bulkheads and further enhance this cars ability to corner with less body roll. Keeping the most consistent Ackermann curves helps to ensure you are getting exactly what you expect with no surprises, when you approach a turn, travel through and then exit. The end outcome is more efficient cornering with less tire wear.

Metal Carrying Handle:
Another in Demand feature people were asking for was a way to carry the car. Generally, people carried it by the rear body mount, but it was not easy to do and often was hard on the fingers. We added in a nice roll bar/handle wire that would help protect your body in a crash but double as a nice way to carry your car. No more finger pain, grip the handle and get going.

Adjustable Flex suspension arms:
The front and rear suspension arms, both feature arm plates that can be added, removed or swapped out for Carbon fiber. This feature can be used for a host of reasons, which can include looks and or performance. Depending on your grip level and track surface, you can adjust the stiffness of the SRX8-GT’s arms.

Generally stiffer arms have a more linear feel but can reduce grip. This happens by forcing the shock to do more work. A softer arm can increase grip by reducing the shocks importance, but can also give the car a less direct feeling

All of these adjustments can have a huge impact on your lap time and results.

HTD High Volume Differentials:
We manned up here, and went back to the drawing board and completely re-tooled our differential approach. The internal gears are a staggering Mod 1.25 which puts them at the largest in the market place. With a maximum engagement surface on the tooth for earth shattering oil shearing, coupled with larger volume housing, these differentials reduce any fading or loss of performance.

The internal ratio is industry 10/20. Make no excuses now boys, these babies will deliver the performance when you need it most.

High Performance Adjustable Clutch:
Also included in the SRX8GT ‘23 is the Adjustable GT clutch set, this was used for the first time at the Worlds and was proven to be the best available clutch on the market. This clutch has come a long way from our original 4 shoe spring loaded clutch. It offers amazing reliability, tune ability and literally puts the power down to the tarmac. This clutch will not disappoint.

Aluminum upright with carbon brackets:
The aluminum uprights open the door of infinite possibilities. Not only can we adjust the Camber link position in new areas we have never before, they also retain the original geometry you might already like. This new design gifts us the freedom to quickly change the geometry on future versions if necessary. The latest geometry has been tested vigorously and proven race result after race result, it works. More traction and better tire wear over long mains.

Oversized Front Bumper:
We supply an oversized large foam bumper in the kit. The bumper is firmly mounted between the upper and lower bumper. This solid mounting allows you to take more direct impact and ensure your car will be properly protected. The bumper can be trimmed to fit most if not all bodies currently in the market.

High Air Flow Rear Diffuser:
Also the rear diffuser is still a standard part in the SRX8 GT ‘23. Testing showed amazing results with this upgrade. More stability, ease of driving, better air flow in and out of the body and faster lap times. The performance is most noticeable on super high speed tracks through on the main straight and even on tracks with high speed switch backs.

Ball Raced Sway bars:
If you have a good thing, let’s keep it going… That is exactly what we did with the ball bearing raced sway bars. We introduced this first the 1.8thoffroad and then followed that up into GT. Both the front and rear suspension will get the same treatment. The sway bar will be securely fastened and the left and right play can be adjusted. You can be rest assured there is not un-necessary friction and your roll bar is fully operation when driving your race car.

Adjustable and lockable Body posts:
The Gt also comes with fully adjustable front and rear body mounts, and platforms. The platforms are oversized to make sure the body had plenty to rest on and held in place with a sold metal pin. The posts themselves are extra-long so that they can be cut to length depending on what body you prefer. The posts themselves have many holes in them to select the height you need and are locked into position by way of a 10mm cap head screw. This locking will prevent the body from adjusting in a collision or crash.

New Optional Upgrades:

Internal Ratio:
Every year new engines are being developed as the Engine manufactures squeeze more power or RPM out of a .21 sized nitro engine. It could also be that more short tracks are running GT than ever before. Either way, it was very important that we keep up on what is happening in the market. The GT has an internal ratio of 13/44, and it was great for a majority of conditions, however, times have changed and a larger range is needed. On the SRX8GT ‘23 model we made an optional ratio 12/44, creating a class specific ratio. Although it seems like a minor change, the on track performance can be quite huge. The outcome would be more acceleration with reduced load on the engine. This will allow you to utilize different ratio splits, or even different fuel mixtures that can result in longer run times. In the end, it’s another win for the proud owner of this all new SRX8GT ‘23. Disclaimer: Gears pictured are straight cut gears, gears included in the kit will be Zerol Cut Spiral gears.

Aero Front Bumper:
The faster you go the more down force and aerodynamics matter. At Serpent we understand that as well as anybody. In order to achieve the down force and flow of air we wanted, we constructed an entirely new High airflow front bumper.

This bumper does a fantastic job of channeling the air under that chassis. Not only does it improve air flow, but increases downforce. We were able to achieve higher top speed as well as corner speed with our all new aero bumper.

All New Side Body support and mounting system:
Keeping your body supported at low and high speed is a huge deal. In order for the aerodynamics of any body or body thickness to work, you have to make sure the body never deforms or loses its shape. The sides are generally the first things to start flapping when the air speeds increase. In order to prevent the flapping and deforming affects of air speed, we now have a new mounting system you can use to support, or mount the body to. This all increases your cars ability to go faster, with fewer disturbances in the flow of air you can harness more mph or down force. You could call this the anti flapper if you want, but once you try it, I don’t think you will ever go back.

Light Weight 4mm chassis with adjustable flex

When racing in high grip, low grip or no grip at all, flex is a powerful tool. This new chassis has 6 different pockets spread out in the key areas to control the flex, whether the front or the rear and more towards the center. Whether you want more flex at the front to control the steering or more flex at the rear at the rear to control rear end grip, this chassis has you covered. Another caveat is the chassis is also over 30 grams lighter than the standard kit chassis.

With the carbon fiber panels installed, it really looks devilishly sick.

As the GT class continues to evolve or the rules change, Serpent has been there every step of the way. GT is a class we love to go race, and push the envelope of what customers and racers expect. It’s really simple, we want to win, actually wait, its more than that, we want to see a Serpent GT on the top of every podium at every race they enter. Ever since the inception of the original S811 GT, we have continued to develop, design, re-design and innovate at every turn and opportunity. With countless think tanks, concepts and racers testing tirelessly, the all new SRX8GT ‘23 is an absolute smash hit. This car is arguable the best GT we have ever produced and we are excited to see you win with it.
Congratulations, if this is a car you are considering as your next GT, you won’t be disappointed.

Billy Easton
Serpent Engineer