Serpent SRX8 GTE RTR 1/8 4wd EP (SER600061)

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This Kit DOES NOT include any batteries

Serpent now offers the SRX8 GTE also in a Ready To Race, to make this superb car even more attractive to a broader customer base, so also Hobby racers can now join in for the action. Top-quality components packed in a Ready-to-race package, the best start a Hobby-driver can make. High end racing chassis with top quality parts, impressive 2.4 GHz transmitter, Waterproof electronic speed controller with small footprint, which fits the SRX8 GTE like a glove combined with a strong 1900KV brushless motor with lots of torque.

Chassis plate
Chassis plate in 3mm 7075 T6 aluminium. Kick-up angle on front for stabile landings. Countersunk holes. Slots to locate the front and rear suspension mounts precisely. Angled sides to increase stiffness.

Large foam bumper, which is kept in place by a upper and lower nylon bumper plate.

Chassis stiffners
Composite stiffner front and rear, to give extra stiffness, but still allow some flex as needed.

Central radio / servo mount
Composite compact radiobox which offers good space for the steering servo and the receiver.

Battery-cases / side-guards
The main eyecatchers are the extremely low laydown longitudinal placed battery-packs at each side of the car, being part of the side-guards, securely fastened with a Velcro strap, for easy and fast battery changes. The weight low in the car and in the right position, well balanced. The Lipo holders comply with ROAR legal packs / dimensions.

Motor mount:
The motor is placed in the most optimal position in the car, keeping motor-forces and transmission parts / alignment in mind. Only one-screw is needed to secure the BL motor, in the nicely designed durable machined aluminium motor mount. Space for additional motor-cooling available as needed.
The space for the motor allows a maximum motor-length of 70mm, which covers most widely used motors ( except for the truggy / monster truck motors).

Steering blocks assembly
Composite steering blocks combined with 10 degr C-hubs for precise steering. Spring steel wheel-axles with large size bearings and larger inner with precision threaded aluminum wheel-hubs with offset . Flanged wheel nuts to guarantee that you will not loose a wheel nut in a race.

Front suspension
Durable oversized lower suspension arms in strong composite nylon. On the lower side the special shaped downstops screws are mounted. The lower shock-mounting pins are secured with a small grubscrew from the bottom.

Front anti-roll bar
The front anti-roll bar system, consist of a spring steel bend wire, which is guided through the diff-cases and runs in steel adaptors. The wire is linked to the lower suspension arm, with a captured adjustable threaded pivot ball, for very precise and low friction operation and easy tuning.

Shocktower and bodymounts front
4.0mm thick aluminium anodized shocktower with 3 upper positioning holes for the shocks and and 4 holes for roll-center positions. Strong, in height adjustable bodymounts with wide top-section to seat the body well.

Rear suspension arms and uprights
Durable longer oversized lower suspension arms in strong composite nylon. On the lower side the special downstops screws are mounted. The lower shock-mounting pins are secured with a small grubscrew from the bottom. Composite uprights with 3 upper roll-center positions. Strong steel track-rods with L/R threading and strong balljoints to pre-set camber. Hard steel wheel-axles with large size bearings and larger inner ones with precision threaded aluminum wheel-hubs with offset. Flanged wheel nuts to guarantee that you will not loose a wheel nut in a race.

Shocktower rear and Bodymount
4mm thick aluminium shocktower, integrated into the rear section for extra stiffness, with 4 upper positioning holes for the shocks and 4 holes for roll-center positions.
Polycarbonate rear low aero wing. Central rear bodymount with the rear bodypost, which are adjustable in height easily .

Captured pivot pins and balls and bolted hinge pins
All spring-steel hinge pins are either captured or bolted in place and made in spring-steel quality. This relieves stress on the hinge pin when adjusting the kick up, or anti squat. Your pin is free to rotate to any angle without binding.

Shock absorbers RCM big-bore 16mm / RCM shock springs
Anodized aluminium shock bodies with durable 4mm shock-rods. Pre-load adjuster clips for ride height setting. Shocks use large diameter membranes and large diameter O-rings and bushings to create a supersmooth and leak-proof package. Large diameter pistons are held in place by a nut on the polished shock-rods tops. Open type spring retainer to let dirt out easy.
Color-coded progressive race shock springs are supplied for the 1st standard set-up and all springs are grinded flat top and bottom, and checked individually for tension and length and are matched.

Compact gear differentials and central solid axle.
Very compact gear differentials with very smooth metal sintered gears, and steel shaft. Perfect sealing case with special gasket and O-rings. Very light and durable outdrive cups in spring-steel. Hardened spring-steel diff-coupler 13T with connector running in 2 oversized bearings The SRX8 GT-E uses a 13T / 44T combo gearing. 44T central solid axle. This drive ratio will provide amazing acceleration combined with the low vehicle weight.

Front and rear drive
The front has captured driveshafts using a CVD system. The rear has durable black steel driveshafts with hard steel pins.

Serpent superlow SRX8 GT body, fully pre-painted in a very attractive design and pre-cut too. The very low body has excellent handling and downforce
Tyres / wheels
The Cobra is fitted with premounted DragonRC GT racing tyres. The tyres are glued on durable but flexible DragonRC race-wheels with cell-foam inserts. A super-package for excellent grip on the most common surfaces.

Transmitter and receiver
The DragonRC DTS-3 2.4GHZ pistol type transmitter
The small and light receiver is fitted inside the radiobox of the car.

Speed-controller and Brushless motor.
The electronic speed controller is a fully Waterproof 120A unit from DragonRC with a small footprint which fits the SRX8 GTE like a glove. The new modern design is very small and attractive looking. Top-quality soft silicone covered cables.
The DragonRC brushless sensorless motor is a strong 1900kv unit which gives lots of torque and amazing top speed, and is anodized in same bronze color as the other alu parts of the car.

Oils and grease
Top-quality silicone shock-oil, silicone diff oil and some grease is used to meet the standard set-up.

Manual and set-up
Full color user manual with easy to follow steps, exploded views for easy spares ordering. A separate manual for the transmitter and the speed controller is included.

Black and white promo body-decals ; Serpent generic and SRX8 GT ones.

The RTR kit is packed in a colorful large strong packing box with protection for car and transmitter.

Serpent SRX8 GTE RTR 1/8 4wd EP

Main features
– race ready high performance 1/8 electric GT
– expert pre-assembled and pre-set
– 4wd with cardan shafts, 2 compact ,durable geardiffs, super-easy machined aluminium motor mount, superlow longitudinal battery boxes, compact speedo-servo mount, unique angled steering system, 16mm big bore shocks, ball raced anti-roll bars FR and RR, 7075 T6 alu shocktower FR and RR, durable suspension and transmission parts, captured suspension pins, the works !!
– Dragon-RC pistol type transmitter 2.4 GHz
– Dragon-RC 120A waterproof speed controller
– Dragon-RC powerful 1900kv brushless sensorless motor
– Dragon-RC 15kg strong servo with metal gears
– Dragon-RC high grip premounted GT racetyres and wheels
– prepainted and precut ultra-low GT bodyshell and large rear aero-wing
– full color user manual and decal set included